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From the Swiss Capital Bern to the Ancient Chinese Capital Nanjing

Nanjing, China - As an economic cooperation city with the Swiss capital Bern, Nanjing holds a significant position in Sino-Swiss relations.

In order to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the fields of economy and culture, Nanjing Association for Culture Communication(NAFCC) China and Interessensgemeinschaft Asiatische Kultur e.V. (IAK) Switzerland recently reached a cooperation agreement.

Established in August 2007, Nanjing Association for Culture Communication is a social service organization approved by the Nanjing Municipal Organization Committee. The center aims to promote understanding and friendship among people of various countries through international cultural exchanges, serving the economic, scientific, and cultural development of Nanjing. Its council consists of well-known figures in the arts, academia, and business, with a secretariat and operational departments.

This collaboration with IAK e.V. marks a significant step in Sino-Swiss cultural exchanges. NAFCC will collaborate with IAK e.V. on international promotion, non-governmental social exchanges, cultural and artistic exchanges, and international academic exchanges. The cooperation aims to create a broader development platform through global collaboration.

A spokesperson for NAFCC: "We believe that the upcoming series of cultural activities will greatly enhance Sino-Swiss relations and promote mutual understanding and cooperation."

The collaboration between the Nanjing Association for Culture Communication and the Interessensgemeinschaft Asiatische Kultur e.V. represents a joint commitment to promoting cross-cultural dialogue and enhancing bilateral cooperation between China and Switzerland. Through mutual efforts, this cooperation aims to establish lasting connections and promote cultural exchanges and economic growth between the two countries.

This collaboration is not merely a single cultural exchange between Nanjing and Switzerland but a comprehensive cooperation plan covering multiple areas such as cultural arts, education, and commerce. Through cooperation in cultural and artistic exchanges, both parties will promote interaction and collaboration among artists, jointly organize exhibitions, performances, and other activities, enriching the cultural life of the two countries' people. In the field of education, both sides will encourage academic exchanges and cooperation, promote academic research and cooperation projects between China and Switzerland, and provide more learning opportunities for young students. Additionally, cooperation in commerce is expected to promote economic development between China and Switzerland, stimulate commercial cooperation and innovation between the two countries' enterprises.

This collaboration is not only of great significance to the bilateral relations between Nanjing and Bern, but also injects new vitality into the friendly exchanges between China and Switzerland. At the same time, it reflects the determination and belief of both parties to promote international cultural exchanges and cooperation. This cross-border cooperation will bring more opportunities and benefits to the people of China and Switzerland and set a more positive example for cultural exchanges and cooperation among countries worldwide.

West Meets East - Ancient Meets Modern

IAK e.V. Switzerland

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