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Welcome to IAK Education
 We open the world for you.

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Just like the astronomical objects move constantly in space,

a true gentleman always thrives for self-improvement. ——IChing

“天行健,君子以自强不息。” ——《易经》

  • IAK International Study Tour Program

  • With a direct connection to companies, our aim is to provide a fair educational platform and future employment opportunities for children worldwide.

  • Through language, travel, cultural exchange and academic programs, we explore and study together.

  • Remember, being prepared for the coming decade is an ongoing process.

  • Stay curious, adaptable, and proactive in seeking knowledge and skills that will equip you for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.



Sutra Copying

Literature 书

Orchestra playing

Sound/Tone 乐

Periodic Table

Natural Science 数


Archery 射

young people enjoy themselves in a cafe'

Social Skills 社交

Horse ski racing

Chariotry 御

Excited Traveler

Travel 旅游

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