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Welcome to Our International Community
We Share & We Care

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Jian Geyang

Founder & President

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Lucy Ovalle

Community Manager



Marian Siegert

Community Manager


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Kathy Wang

Community Manager


the Benefits of Membership

Member Coupons & Discounts

  • One free Meditation lesson (60 minutes) (English/German).

  • One free Lifestyle coaching lesson (90 minutes) (English/German).

  • 30% off on the book “Dialog with Ancestors”

  • Free access to our Partner network.

  • 2 hours free usage per month of our shared Association office.

  • Free pass to join our culture-related events. (Non-members need to pay for the events.)

  • Quarterly publication for 50% off to members. (Non-members need to pay full price.)

Our members are entitled for discounts on all the products and services offered by our partners.

What We Can Do in IAK:

Everything is Possible

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Industry Breakfasts

  • Annual IAK Association Awards

  • Member of the Month

  • Members Shown on Our IAK Website

  • Member Milestones

  • Contests & Challenges

  • Member Coupons & Discounts

  • Local & Community Partnerships

  • Corporate Partnerships

  • Volunteering & Community Service Projects

  • Career Advice & Support

  • Mentorship Programs

  • Member Directory

  • Job Board

  • Online Membership Community

  • An Easy-to-Access Event Calendar

  • Free Virtual Events

Benefits of Membership

IAK Village: Volunteer and Community Services

Volunteer Services

We conduct volunteer work, in order to

benefit our society in which we reside.

This may include to support individuals,

who require our assistance and support

to handle their daily life. 

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Community Services

We support our community by assisting

with volunteering to support our

local community. 

At Work on the Farm

We Only Have One Home

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