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The Fusion of Culture and Technology: Unveiling a New Era of Human Expression文化与科技的融合:开启人类表达的崭新时代

What is Culture?


The word "culture" derives from the Latin "colere", which means to tend to the earth and grow, cultivate and nurture. Culture represents the characteristics and knowledge of human beings, such as music, art, science & technology, religion, philosophy, etiquette & manners, education, emotion & social studies.

英文的“文化”是“Culture”,源自拉丁文“Colore“,意为照料大地,生长,耕耘,养育。广义的“文化“包括了人类的特征和生活的一切知识,例如音乐,艺术,科技,宗教,哲学,礼仪,教育,情感和社会研究等等。 Culture technology is an interdisciplinary field that combines traditional culture with modern technology, aiming to promote the protection, inheritance, and development of traditional culture through technological means. It represents the fusion of culture and technology, using advanced technological techniques to infuse traditional culture with new vitality and driving innovation and development in the cultural industry.

文化科技是将传统文化与现代科技相结合的学科领域,旨在通过科技手段推动传统文化的保护、传承和发展。它是文化领域和科技领域的融合,通过运用先进的科技技术,为传统文化注入新的活力,并促进文化产业的创新和发展。 Culture technology encompasses various aspects, including but not limited to:

文化科技涵盖了多个方面的内容,其中包括但不限于以下几个方面: 1. Digital cultural heritage preservation: Utilizing digital technology for high-precision restoration and storage of cultural heritage, ensuring the complete inheritance of traditional culture. Digital cultural repositories enable people to access traditional cultural treasures anytime, anywhere, gaining a deeper understanding of history and civilization.数字化文化传承:利用数字化技术对文化遗产进行高精度的复原和存储,确保传统文化得以完整传承。数字化文化库使得人们可以随时随地访问传统文化的宝库,深入了解历史和文明的脉络。

2. Virtual reality cultural experiences: Creating immersive cultural experiences through virtual reality technology, allowing individuals to personally experience historical scenes, ancient architecture, and breathe new life into traditional culture, making it more vivid and captivating.虚拟现实文化体验:通过虚拟现实技术,创造出身临其境的文化体验,让人们可以在虚拟世界中亲自体验历史场景、感受古代建筑等,使传统文化更加生动、引人入胜。

3. Artificial intelligence applications: Employing intelligent recommendation algorithms to deliver traditional cultural works to interested users, driving the development and dissemination of the cultural industry. Artificial intelligence technology also finds applications in cultural research and intelligent management of digital cultural resources.人工智能应用:通过智能推荐算法,将传统文化作品推送给感兴趣的用户,促进文化产业的发展和传播。人工智能技术也可用于文化研究和数字文化资源的智能管理。

4. Culture technology education: Innovating cultural education methods by integrating technology, enhancing the appeal and interactivity of traditional cultural education, and nurturing a younger generation with a profound understanding and passion for traditional culture.文化科技教育:结合科技手段,创新文化教育模式,提高传统文化教育的趣味性和互动性,培养更多对传统文化有深入理解和热爱的年轻一代。

5. Integration of culture and technology industries: Through the integration of culture and technology, promoting the upgrading and transformation of the cultural industry. The development of technology brings new business opportunities and growth prospects to the cultural industry.文化与科技产业融合:通过文化科技的融合,推动文化产业的升级和转型。科技的发展为文化产业带来新的商机和发展空间。

The goal of culture technology is to promote the fusion of traditional culture with modern technology, ensuring its inheritance and development in contemporary society, while providing a broader space for technological innovation, driving social progress, and safeguarding cultural diversity and sharing.


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